BIAS – Cognitive Platform

Fraud Detection and Prevention


How can organizations protect data efficiently from fraud and crime with PDMFC's Cybersecurity solutions?


Nowadays, with the growing amount of data, it is important to be able to handle data correctly, because it will enable organizations to improve their business by being more efficient and effective. Especially in sensitive topics such as fraud and Cybersecurity, it is crucial to have solutions that can manage the organization in order to avoid undesirable incidents.


BIAS – Business Intelligence Analysis System - is an anti-fraud and Cybersecurity modular solution integrated in the Security Intelligence and Cognitive areas, totally developed by PDMFC, leveraging IBM technology (Watson and i2) with additional components.

It supports the management of the information analysis cycle by providing a complete suite to Collect, Analyze, Investigate and Act, supporting business daily tasks from data mining and visual data analysis through case management. It approaches different scenarios of fraud and crime such as Fraud Detection and Prevention, Criminal Research and Cybersecurity, and Cyber Defense, helping the organizations to combat crime, terrorism and fraudulent activities. Being a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA), financial or insurance organization, BIAS is an agile platform that adapts to different organic layouts and infrastructures and it has a special focus on unstructured data.

Process and Architecture
Collection Inference Analysis Act

The objective is to support organizations to fulfill the data collection cycle to understand, structure and aggregate the corresponding information. To prevent fraud and Cybersecurity incidents by continuously analyzing multiple data sources and self-learning new threat patterns based on past behavior and vulnerability exploits. The difference between doing the right things and doing things right.

  • Provides a holistic approach to an end-to-end solution, from collection to action;
  • Can be integrated in all infrastructures of an organization;
  • Significantly reduces the analysts’ workload, helping them in their functions;
  • Provides an evolutionary solution;
  • Leverages IBM i2 platform and integrates Watson from IBM;
  • Quick identification of potential or related crimes and fraud, associated with complex networks;
  • Provides a unified user experience to all functionalities and functions;
  • Automatize processes and actions by being an integrated system;
  • It allows to reduce the time spent in 80% and can be done in real time;
  • It is transversal to different sectors.