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PDMFC is an IT company with a strong presence in the world of Information Systems since 1993, providing and implementing state-of-the-art solutions (products and services), both in T&M and turnkey projects.

Along the years, our main goal has been to innovate. In this regard, we excelled through our participation in national and European projects such as Portugal 2020 and Horizonte 2020, which allowed us to enrich our offer with avant-garde solutions.

Everyday, we help our customers by delivering high quality projects in areas such as information governance, security, cognitive, cloud, digital transformation, among others. We rely on a highly skilled base of professional services, consulting teams and high-end software, as well as a solid implementation experience. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and markets, currently expanding to Brazil and Mozambique.

PDMFC is part of PDM Group, leveraging the know-how and synergies of technological resources from 10 other PDM companies, covering areas such as IT, Telecommunications, Gaming, Marketing, Electronics, Finance Investments and Social Economy.

Furthermore, we have significantly invested in solid partnerships with recognized enterprises such as IBM, being a Silver partner with a special focus on Security, Oracle, with a Gold level partnership with a core emphasis on Middleware, Cloud and Security areas and Microsoft, achieving the Gold Level Partnership.

Our Formula

We have been working to change the World through TECHNOLOGY since 1993.

Our focus are our PARTNERS and CLIENTS, whom inspire ourselves every day to grow and to improve our products and services.

We look for integrate the best professionals and raise the potential of our WORKERS to their maximum exponent.

We promote an informal environment, but we are RIGOROUS in everything we are involved in.

ETHICS is present in every step we take and every dream we have.

Our effort and dedication are a result of our desire to ensure EXCELLENCE and add value to all of our SOLUTIONS.

A close RELATIONSHIP with our customers supports the solid partnerships we have maintained over the years.

INNOVATION is part of our identity, since we believe that only its combination with everything we do will make us evolve.

Our SUCCESS is not defined only by PROFITABILITY, our way of acting is to contribute actively to environmental, social and economic SUSTAINABILITY.

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