PDMFC is an innovative company that looks constantly for the development of new solutions and methods.

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We feel privileged to be an important part in many Research and Technological Developments and partnerships with several reputable and global Companies.

What is the relevance of PDMFC in the R&D area?

PDMFC is an innovative company that looks constantly for the development of new solutions and methods.

With more than 120 applications in different national and international incentive programs (QREN, Portugal 2020, Horizon 2020, 7th Framework Program, 6th Framework Program), we feel privileged to be part of the development of projects in the area of Research and Technological Development, in partnership with several internationally recognized companies.



The absence of appropriate tools and techniques to collect, process and analyze the volumes of complex and heterogeneous data has created a severe information overload. Furthermore, as stated by the EC Cyber-Security Impact Assessment, “there is an uneven level of capabilities at national level across the EU, which hinders the creation of trust among peers, which is a prerequisite for cooperation and information sharing”.

PDMFC is a partner in one of the most ambitious R&D projects under the Security pillar of the Horizon2020 European Research Programme – ASGARD project. The project has 32 partners from 22 countries and the ultimate goal is to provide tools for criminal police agencies.

ASGARD aims to create LEA Technological Autonomy, by building a sustainable, long-lasting community from the LEA and research and development industry that will create, maintain and evolve a best of class tool set for the extraction, fusion, exchange and analysis of Big Data, including cyber-offenses data for forensic investigation.

Key aspects:
  • Use cases: Driven by end-user needs;
  • Processes: The digital forensic, intelligence, and foresight processes that are in use by LEAs;
  • Technology: The technology already available today as the state of the art (SoA) will be adapted and made available to LEAs within the first research and development cycles, but also novel technologies that go beyond the SoA and that technology provider partners will develop and provide to LEAs during the project;
  • Social, Ethical, Legal, and Privacy (SELP): key element for the sustainability and success of the concept proposed by ASGARD;
  • Main objectives: Interoperability | Technological breakthrough | Ethics and legal compliance | Availability.


Beyond Vision (a partnership resulting from the research work developed within PDMFC) leads and plays a very active role in the Privacities project, which is the Portuguese mapping of the H2O European project.

The purpose of the H2O project, capitalizing on former results from the CATRENE (European Funding Programme), eGo project, is to develop the architecture required to put the human in control of the smart objects surrounding him, in order to develop a human centric and privacy architecture – ensuring security – to support the rapidly emerging Wearable computing and IoT markets. The project will investigate the "human to object" interactions in different application areas of the smart city domain: communication, transportation, e-health and e-retail. The purpose of this work will be to study and implement advanced architecture concepts and technology bricks felt as missing for the deployment of efficient wearable computing solutions, as resulting from the former successfully ended eGo project and also to develop new user experience for a complete adoption of this new digital lifestyle.

The 2 main objectives of H2O project:
  • Providing a robust, open, technology platform (HW, embedded SW, management tools) for the development and customizable integration of a large variety of Secure Wearable objects aimed at providing trusted, privacy keeping and easy user interaction in the future Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart City environments;
  • Validate the capabilities of the platform in representative IoT or Smart City use cases such as e-health, e-Mobility or e-Commerce.