Security helps you to avoid unnecessary incidents.

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The massification of data and the need of its protection means that, currently, the companies have given priority and increased relevance to security.


How can organizations ensure they are completely safe?

We could spend a considerable time trying to instill into you a sense of urgency or why security is important for you and your organization, however, if you are here you already know that. For us, security is not a state or a picture in time but a flow of deliberate actions that help avoiding unnecessary risks. The massification of data and the need of its protection means that, currently, the companies have given priority and increased relevance to security.

We can help you assess your organization’s security readiness and come up with a scorecard where your current state of affairs ranks in our comprehensible evaluation. The security assessment, which belongs to Security Audit, helps identify the threat actors, main risks, important IP assets or customer privacy data locations and provide suggestions to correct vulnerabilities.

PDMFC has a significant expertise in this area, developing its own products and adapted solutions to the need of secure and friendly platforms. We have an experienced security team, which has been doing security-consulting services in the last decade in both private and public institutions. Besides that, our company is part of various renowned international investigation projects in the area of security.

Products and Solutions

A Software platform designed to protect organizations against Fraud and Cyber threats.

A solution designed to safeguard access to data, enforce data privacy and simplify data sharing.

A solution supporting the complete life cycle of Digital Identities and access management, in compliance with the GDPR norms.


Cybersecurity is crucial in all companies, since it guarantees the protection of systems and people. PDMFC can help you through the technologies, systems and solutions it offers:

The Penetration Testing helps you make sure that your systems are not vulnerable to common attacks. It is recommended to have a security expert that executes a set of controlled attacks and evaluates the results propped in comprehensible 3 level reports for executives, managers and techies. Through the Security Audit we can help you measure your organization's security readiness, by performing a deep assessment, resulting in a scorecard that represents your security maturity state. To keep your cyber defense in good shape it is essential to have an Incident Response plan, that will help you to prevent an under performance by having guidelines.

Network Security, Endpoint Security, Server Security and Mobile Security are a start to an end to keep your infrastructure secure, so it is relevant to have in place security controls at different levels. Through the Monitoring and Analysis, we can help you identifying, collecting indicators of compromise and respond to intrusions.

On the other hand, traditionally, Log Management is all about storing evidences for enabling security monitoring or supporting incident handling. In our view, providing just the functionality is not enough. Therefore, time, fast query response and ability to correlate any data to search for key insights are crucial in our offer.

Identity and Access Management are both major security concerns for enterprises. Companies today have complex organization models and use multiple applications that stores information in some local database and this becomes a problem where it is almost impossible to extract a list of all users and which accesses and roles they are certified. In this regard, we help organizations to manage identities and access roles by centralizing it in one system through a pre-approved access package. Our solutions, commonly integrated with applications and technologies, make the interfaces highly configurable, simplifying auditing processes.

With electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services - we provide a functionality for managing digital certificates through electronic signatures and data encryption methods, in order to promote safer authentications. The certificates generated by the platform can be used by private individuals, entities and/or services.

More than 70% of your company’s value lies in intellectual property inside databases and data security breaches are more common than ever… and more expensive. Securing sensitive data presents a multi-dimensional challenge where complex environments, which often include a wide range of heterogeneous database management systems (DBMS), enterprise applications, big data platforms, file systems, OS platforms with multiple access paths and permission levels, have created a seemingly endless array of security risks and violation scenarios.

The data migration and applications for the Cloud are a reality with a prospective of growth but, despite its benefits, also has risks related to data security. PDMFC can help prevent those risks, with its experience in monitoring and blocking threats in databases, controlling users’ accesses, classifying and finding data, encrypting transparent data, auditing with the delivery of consolidated reports, securing configurations management and data masking, and even implementing compliance solutions with the GDPR European norm.

As a way to cope with the security event tsunami and the large effort of dealing with false positives, we believe the new Watson platform for Cyber Security is the best in class with its unique ability to understand, find a cause and learn about security related topics. It was trained to augment the security analyst's ability to respond, filling the gaps of speed, accuracy and relevance.

Cyber threat intelligence is core to achieve a proper cyber defense, to avoid security vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and exploits.

With our significant experience with X-Force and OSINT we can help you to feed your organization with relevant, credible and verified data to reduce the vulnerabilities and to get the upper hand on security incidents.

Text is not anymore the only approach for security events and information gathering. Multimedia formats such as audio, image and video are becoming ubiquitous. Attacks using multimedia documents are happening more frequently, due to media processors being usually less battle tested against abusive formats than their text counterparts are.

We are betting heavily on multimedia analytics, especially in the fields of the named entity detection and extraction, face detection, face recognition and entity anonymization.

The ISO/IEC 27001 norm certifies the organizations’ Data Security Management processes. This certification demonstrates that those organizations have a management system that protects their data with control mechanisms appropriated to their needs and reality, and that they are regularly verified by an external entity. PDMFC supports organizations through all their implementation project’s steps of the ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Our consulting services enable organizations to achieve full compliance with GDPR – General Data Privacy Regulation - in all key Security requirements:

  • Assessment of high-risk information from organizations’ processes/profiles/tools needed to safeguard personal data
  • Prevention of security breaches and minimization of risk of successful attacks
  • Monitoring of personal data with timely alert through auditing

ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library - is a number of best practices that are applied in the infrastructure, operation and maintenance of data technology services. This framework, independent from technology suppliers is going to enhance the focus on the client and the continuous improvement of the data technology services provided by any company. PDMFC supports organizations in their ITIL processes’ implementation, operationalization and continuous improvement.



The absence of appropriate tools and techniques to collect, process, and analyze the volumes of complex and heterogeneous data has created a severe information overload.

PDMFC is a partner in one of the most ambitious R&D projects under the Security pillar of the Horizon2020 European Research Programme – ASGARD project, a project in the area of terrorism and serious crime.


Beyond Vision (a partnership resulting from the research work developed within PDMFC) leads the Privacities project, which is the Portuguese mapping of the H2O European project.

The purpose of the H2O project is to develop the architecture required to put individuals in control of smart objects surrounding him, in order to develop a human centric and a privacy ensuring security architecture to support the rapidly emerging Wearable computing and IoT markets. The project will investigate the "human to object" interactions in different application areas of the smart city domain.